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Conceived in the summer of 2016, Harlem Brew South (HBS) began as a satellite extension of Harlem Brewing Company which was founded in 2000, in Harlem (NYC). Small batch production started in collaboration with Spaceway Brewing Company in 2018 at the Rocky Mount Mills incubator to support its growing southeastern customer base. In the summer of 2020, HBS formally incorporated with Celeste and her brothers Carl Beatty and Pernell Beatty. The plan was to expand production and launch the HBS Taproom & Brewery offering amazing beers that push the creative boundaries of craft, culture, and community. Of particular focus is creating centers of creativity and innovation in communities that have had limited opportunities in the beer industry, especially in areas we define as “beer deserts” which are lacking in options for quality beers, craft careers, and entrepreneurship.

Harlem Brew South is passionate about uplifting and connecting people through the joys of craft beer! Our focus is creating gathering places that foster collaboration and celebrates culture with an emphasis on craft, education, and equity. Celeste, Carl, and Pernell want to give back something that sustains the community and help others find something they're passionate about, just like they did! 


It's no secret that the craft brew industry is lacking in diversity which limits our collective possibilities for greatness. So what can we do about it? Harlem Brew South is intentional about creating an inviting place for our communities to build bridges of understanding and economic opportunity for all.

Our taproom and brewery will offer a variety of beers within a living classroom setting (our brewhouse), steeped in beer education. Every aspect of the operations will be accessible to participants who enroll in our 8 Week Fast Track Brewing Program (FTBP), a partnership with the OIC Rocky Mount. To learn more about the FTBP, email us at

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